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Web developers, Web designers, senior architects, project managers,technology evangelists, user interface architects, consultants, CTOs, and anyone looking to stay in front of the latest Web technology!

Now Shipping! Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java: Secrets of the Masters

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Flex Developer Bootcamp
Flex Developer Bootcamp is an intensive, one-day training program that will teach Web developers and designers how to build Rich Internet Application using Flex. This hands-on workshop will allow attendees to create two fully functional applications by the end of the day! This workshop will be taught by Flex experts from Farata Systems, Yakov Fain (Adobe Certified Flex Instructor) and Dr. Victor Rasputnis, co-authors of the book Developing RIA with Adobe Flex and Java. Face time with two masters in the field is a benefit not offered anywhere else!

Pre-requisites: working knowledge of any object-oriented programming language.

Each student is required to bring his/her own laptop with the preinstalled trial version of Flex Builder, Flex Data Services and MySql database.

What is Flex™?
From the same company that brought you the most pervasive software in the history of the Internet, Flash?, comes another revolutionary solution to create even more powerful and intuitive user experiences. Adobe Flex 2 is a powerful and complete application development solution for creating and delivering cross-platform Rich Internet applications (RIAs), within the enterprise and across the web. Until now, there has been no successful method for enterprise programmers and architects to work with existing tools of choice, familiar programming models and integration with existing systems and infrastructure. Multi-step processes, client-side processing, direct manipulation and data visualization are all key factors in the Flex solution.

What Attendees of Real-World Flex Had to Say:
 “This was really an excellent seminar. Its strength was that it did not focus on just one aspect of Flex, but rather several - RIA capabilities, Flex-Java integration, user interface design, web services with Flex, next generation Flex. I would hope that future seminars would preserve this diversity of perspectives.”
“It was good to see the level of interest in Flex. It was also reassuring to see the kinds of things that are possible with serious Flex development.”
“In general, I found the presentations inspiring.”
“It was a great experience”
“I thought the seminar was excellent.”




Students’ Computers/Software Compatibility Check

Overview of Rich Internet Technologies
-What is Rich Internet Application
- RIA – the major choices
Adobe Flex 2, Java, WPF, Ajax, Open Laszlo and more
- Flex 2 Architecture, tools and components

Hands-on development
-Getting familiar with Flex Builder IDE,
-Programming Hello World using MXML
-Programming Calculator using MXML and ActionScript

Data-Driven Controls, Data Binding, processing XML
- Populating Data Grids and MVC pattern
- The power of data binding.
- XML processing with E4X

Hands-on development
- Using layouts and navigators
- Start working on the stock portfolio XML-based data


Event-Driven programming and reusable components
- Events basics, life-cycle, dispatching processing
- Custom events
- Creating loosely-coupled reusable components.
-A sample application walktrough
11:15am-11:45amGetting data from remote computers
Using HTTPService
Using Flex to connect to remote Java objects
11:45am-12:30pmHands-On development
- Adding the RSS news reader to stock portfolio application
- Master-detail processing
12:30pm-1:30pmLunch and book signing. Students have option to work through lunch with support from instructor
1:30PM-2:00PMBuilding Flex-Java-DBMS application from start to finish .
- Overview of the architecture
- Review of the database table structure and DAO object
- Configuring Flex remoting
- Population of the datagrid with customers info from the
2:15PM-2:30PMHands-On development of the customer-viewer application
(Flex, Java, MySQL)
2:30PM-2:45PMMaintaining State on the Client;
- Where the user session belongs: client vs. server
- Using Flex managed objects to maintain state in the client
- Automatic data sync-up between Flex and server-side Java
3:00PM-3:30PMHands-On development
– Adding update, insert, delete to the customer application
3:30PM-3:45PMRapid application development with Flex
-Using DAOFlex Eclipse plugin for automatic code generation of all Java and Flex artifacts
4:05PM-4:30PMUpdates and Transaction Management;
- Introducing batch database operations
4:30PM-4:50PMHands-On development - customers can place orders.
4:50PM-5:10PMMaking Custom Database-aware Components
- How to create a combobox with auto-complete feature (Google Suggest style)
5:10PM-5:30PMHands-on development
-Adding the auto-complete combobox to the customer application. Filtering customers as you type.

From the Authors of "RIA: Secrets of the Masters"
The book is aimed squarely at the IT developers. It is not a replacement of documentation that ships with Flex. It is expected that you would use online help/references for detailed review if the methods and properties. Instead, this book is a practical course that takes you into the world of real-life RIA applications. We also provided open source components and libraries that we hope will help you in your own development.

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